SHAPE SHIFTERS class schedule

Can't Stop the Hop! Live in PDX!

Mar 11, 2023

Hey friends! 

Beastie Bowie (that's me)  has her first IRL class here in PDX this month at Turn! Turn! Turn! I am so fucking stoked! This is such a fantasy of mine, ever since I was a little kid I just loooooooooved to make a mixtape, turn it up FULL BLAST on my walk-man and dance my ass off. I am no dancer, not trained in anything special, just a body who loves to feel the pounding sensations of the beat move my body all over the place. This event is not about being a great dancer, although I bet you are. So, I hope you will join me! This first one is 80's themed cause it will hopefully make what I am doing obvious (its part fitness part dress up) and the mixtape is KILLER!!! Reach out with any questions [email protected]

<3 Beastie