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Hello! My name is Emily (she/they) and I am a Holistic Health Coach certified in Somatic Experiencing and a trauma informed yoga instructor. I am interested in helping folks feel safe and powerful in their bodies (soma) through education and purposeful practice (magicks).Ā Ā 

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Emily Denton ERYT, SEP, Holistic Health Coach

Somatic Experiencing (SEā„¢) is a holistic body-oriented therapeutic practice that heals traumaĀ by restoring regulation and resiliency to the autonomic nervous system.Ā Ā 

Ā Somatics + Magick = SomagicksĀ 

Soma = The living organism in its wholeness.

Somatics = A body orientedĀ  intentional change process by which we canĀ  transform individually and collectively.

Magick = The art of utilizing natural forces to bring about change. Ceremonial practices.

New Dance Mixtape Can't Stop the Hop out now! 

In case you didn't know, I also do this super silly thematic dance aerobics class called "Can't Stop the Hop!" hosted by my altar ego Beastie Bowie. Check out the latest dance vid and let's live our fitness fantasy! 


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