Shape Shifters: 

Weekly trauma sensitive and autonomically informed embodiment offerings. All are welcome.  

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 Tuesday 10am 30 min Vinyasa

 Thursday 8am Vinyasa

 Friday 8am Pranayama 

Bi-Weekly Lunar Nidra


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Class Descriptions and info! 


Vinyasa Yoga-

Vinyasa is a style of yoga that focuses on the skill and art of being in transition. With a combination of traditional and modern yoga asana, (postures) we practice linking the movements and transitions between different poses to the breath. 

Vinyasa yoga as purely a physical practice can be an extremely powerful tool in healing trauma and supporting nervous system regulation. Important to know that vinyasa is a fairly (everyones experience and capacity is different) intense physical exercise. This will most likely feel like a challenging work out. The energy we cultivate in vinyasa is a great way to tap into our healthy sympathetic nervous system and learn to befriend and navigate activation and regulation. 

Vinyasa as a physical ritual that is part of a greater yoga practice is what's up though. Yoga, at least for the past 2,500 years, has always had a language and science regarding trauma and nervous system regulation. In the yoga tradition trauma is called "samskara" and instead of our modern understanding of "polyvagal theory", the yogis understood a science called "Samkhya" and their polyvagal ladder was that of the the 3 gunas. So, if you are reading this and are like, WTF? It's fine, just know that yoga rules and has it's own vast toolbox of magic and healing when it comes to trauma.  There are lots of styles of yoga and lots of right ways to practice asana. Vinyasa is a great way to get into it. 

Class is a combination of yoga philosophy, current moment musings, pranayama (breathing practices) asana (yoga postures) and meditation. You will need a yoga mat and blocks if you have them. Bare feet and comfortable clothing is recommended. 

 Ecstatic Peace: Regulation Magicks- 

This is an hour of somatic inquiry and meditation. The benefit of doing this practice is that it offers the structured routine repetition of  "tips and tricks to regulate" the nervous system. Two things I get asked all the time in regards to healing trauma and regulating the nervous system is "How do I calm overwhelm/anxiety?" and "What should I do when I dissociate?" Ecstatic Peace is a space where we can practice the foundational basics of nervous system regulation and deepen our awareness and commitment to our felt sense of embodiment. 

Class is 60 minutes and is a combo of somatic experiencing practices that were taught to me through my training at Somatic Experiencing International, "Focusing" which is a felt sense inquiry originally taught by Eugene Gendlin, and somatic meditations which are inspired by work that I have done with Irene Lyon and Kathy Kain. 

Come in comfortable clothes. Part of our time we will be seated and part of the time we will lay down. You are welcome to use a chair or bed for support. 

Yin Yoga: Slow Magicks

One of the best things we can do to regulate our nervous system is learn how our body reacts to stillness and practice working at the level of the fascia. Fascia is our connective tissue, our body is FULL of it, and it covers every fiber and cell in our body. Our fascia is very connected to our fight flight freeze responses and often is the holder of unintegrated trauma. Fascia does not expand and contract the way muscles do, it freezes and dissolves. This class focuses on finding the time to melt and work with the fascia to release stuck-ness and restore mobility and flow.

Class is practiced on the floor on a mat or blanket. Please have props - 2 blocks and a bolster is best. Couch cushions, bath towels and books also make great yoga props. Wear comfortable clothing.  

Lunar Yoga Nidra:

Bi-Weekly at the full and new moon we gather to personally reflect and journal on our personal cycles, current life happenings, and  practice intention setting.  Nidra is a sanskrit word that means sleep and in yoga nidra we come into relationship with our inner dream world.

Nidra is a guided meditation practiced laying down. Come prepared to get comfy, bring a journal and pen.