SHAPE SHIFTERS class schedule

Practice with me! (free 30 minute vinyasa flow right here just hit play!)

Aug 15, 2023

Hi friends,

I am feeling inspired to share this 30 minute vinyasa flow I just did with Shape Shifters with you here cause I just really love yoga. Get out your mat, turn on a good mixtape if you like that, get in some stretchy clothing and do a little yoga and notice how that impacts the rest of your day. This class isn't themed on anything fancy, just straight up poses, breath and mindfulness. Its a very typical "me" class, and its a vinyasa class so it is more vigorous in its energy. If that isn't for you that's okay, I offer others, check out Ecstatic Peace or maybe Yin yoga. I also offer a free monthly somatic meditation for folks who have chronic pain or are interested in how to relate to pain - its purpose, its deeper messages, its physiology and how to support your body back into safety when the pain alarms go off. So maybe this is turning into a promo plug a bit here but I want to share all this with you cause I believe it to be the most helpful tools/skills that I have learned in my 42 years here on earth. Check out the Shape Shifters calendar, I teach all the time. I also am doing in person classes and SE sessions now in Portland Oregon. Let's regulate our nervous systems!

I will post these one off classes sporadically more often. Blessings to you and your amazing body!


Link to the article I mention briefly at the end of class