SHAPE SHIFTERS class schedule


May 09, 2023

New bi-weekly Shape Shifters community offering "Somatic Spell Casting"!

Practicing Magick is energy work. When there is a lot of trauma or nervous system dysregulation in the body, any energy, positive or not, can feel overwhelming to the practitioner. This makes it extremely more  difficult work with energy and be able receive the desired magickal effects.

Getting more trauma informed and learning to understand the body as its own resource for regulation can really help us magick folk navigate our energy experiences in a more effective way.

Somatic Spell Casting is a space to explore bringing somatic awareness and regulation tools into our magick with this 45 minute manifestation ritual.

We gather on zoom PST. All are welcome. If you are new to magick this is a great place to start. If you are a long time practitioner but are looking to move through blocks or learn more about your body and nervous system this is also the place for you. Please come with your wishes and dreams. More info on the Shape Shifters calendar.